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Who is GoGirl! For?

GoGirl! is for any woman that wants to move from surviving to thriving in any area of her life.

Let's get specific. GoGirl! is for any woman who . . .

Wants to know themselves better.

We’ll help you clarify your personal values, interests, and strengths so that your life feels more like you. When I devoted some quality time to getting very specific about what I actually wanted and used this self-knowledge to make more intentional decisions, I started experiencing more joy & purpose in my daily life. Articulating te observations in writing is a powerful way to make them more real to yourself.

Desires to be more confident or ambitious.

We can equip you with practical tools and strategies that’ll help you discover your potential, claim your power, and know your worth. I know these just sound like catchy phrases, but we truly believe that every woman has worth, power, and potential, whether she knows it or not.

This process often starts with identifying self-limiting beliefs, which can be so convincing that we need the support and insight of another person to help dissolve their power over us. I’m stunned by the things I used to wholeheartedly believe about myself: I’m not the kind of person who succeeds. I don’t belong there. I’ll never figure this out. I should be more like that person.

Needs help setting goals & managing their time.

We know this doesn’t sound glamorous, but learning how to set personal goals and manage your time to meet those goals is an essential skill set that can play a huge role in helping you feel more empowered. I think many people hear “goal setting” and think I’m going to advise them to get up earlier so they can get more done or suggest they start going to the gym 5x/week . But I’m not an advocate of those types of strategies, and there are as many types of goals as there are people. The best personal goal for you might be: Allow myself to sleep in 2x/week for the rest of the year.

Wants to improve their relationships.

We recognize that when you start making positive changes in the relationship you have with yourself, all of the other relationships in your life are likely to improve. This applies to friends, family, lovers, partners, colleagues, and any other connection in your life that you value. If you’re making unhealthy choices in relationships, we can help you explore what may be motivating you to make these choices and help you move in a more self-affirming direction.

Needs a new perspective or help getting “unstuck.”

Say you’ve been mulling over the same situation for months, or you’re unmotivated but don’t know why. Working with a life coach gives you access to a fresh set of eyes & ears and may be what finally launches you off a plateau, gets you out of a rut, or moves you towards a solution. I remember seeing a client for the first time who had been feeling stumped for months about how to address the tension in one of her personal relationships. I outlined an approach that seemed reasonable and constructive to me. My client was stunned. “I’ve never, ever thought of it that way,” she said, nodding her head. This tension had worried her for nearly half a year, and I was able to provide her valuable insight within minutes. This isn’t because I always have all the right answers (no one does!), but because I was processing her situation with more freshness and objectivity.

The reasons that our clients engage with GoGirl! services are unique and specific to each person. If you'd like to get started, learn more about our services, or talk to me about what you hope life coaching could do for you, click here.

In the meantime . . .

Be Brave, Be You, GoGirl!


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