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This is a four-part workshop that equips women with the tools to live an empowered, hopeful life. H.O.P.E. stands for Healing Hearts, Optimistic Thinking, Prayer, and Empowerment. This workshop is meant for a like-minded group of women, and includes a mix of educational periods, discussion time, and group activities. 

Her Crown

This workshop is inspired by the phrase, "Fixing her crown, one woman at a time." Her Crown celebrates the strength of black women  unapologetically embrace themselves. GoGirl! recognizes the challenges black women face in today's society  while balancing all areas of thier lives.  

Be You!

Be You is a workshop that equips women with the tools to become the best version of themselves. 


GoGirl! believes in empowering women exactly where they're at, and this workshop is an affirmation of this way of thinking.

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